Brian May Guest Appearance at the Sonic Universe Concert in Tenerife

Posted on Mar 30 2011
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Astronomer-musician Brian May will make a guest appearance at Tangerine Dream’s Sonic Universe in Tenerife on 24 June, 2011. Sonic Universe will take place at the Magma Art and Congress Hall in the south of Tenerife as part of the spectacular forthcoming Starmus Festival, now just a few short months away (20-25 June, 2011).

Tangerine Dream will bring a unique feature to the concert with the incorporation into their performance of actual sound effects recorded from the Sun and other stars. Tickets are limited in number and are now on sale (see for purchase details). 

For Brian May, Tenerife has always been a spiritual home from home, inspiring his best creative powers. Queen devotees will know that he began his musical career on this island (he wrote the Queen song ‘Tie Your Mother Down’ during an observing trip to the Teide Observatory while working towards his PhD in Astrophysics in 1971). That was forty years ago, but now May will be back at last on his favourite island, this time with his “red special”! Having begun his PhD studies in Tenerife all those years ago, May finally wrote up his thesis a couple of years ago (in the interim, of course, he became part of the Queen legend!). Apart from his guest appearance at the Sonic Universe, May will also give a talk and participate in a round table discussion on our future in space.


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