Famous Hollywood composer Graeme Revell will join the STARMUS Festival

Posted on Nov 26 2010
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Well-known Hollywood composer Mr Graeme Revell is joining the STARMUS
Festival. He will create a composition using acoustic sounds from stars
and other cosmic objects. This composition will be performed
during the
Gagarin tribute event “ Poyekhali: 50 years in Space”.
After the success of his soundtrack on Red Planet where he used the voice
 of French singer Emma Shapplin to back up and often lead his score, he
 collaborated with her on her own album Etterna, producing all of her
songs. Revell has produced soundtracks for more than 80 Hollywood movies
 including The Crow, The Crush, Body of Evidence, Psycho IV, Pitch Black,
 Sin City, The Negotiator, The Chronicles of Riddick, Collateral Damage,
 The Fog, Daredevil, Bolt, The Experiment etc. He has also written scores
 for the TV series Tomb Rider, CSI Miami, Call of Duty 2, etc.

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