Posted on Jun 08 2011
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For security and technical reasons, the conference Discover the Cosmos and Change the World! will be relocated to take place at the Abama Golf & Spa Resort from 20 to 23 June (inclusive). Abama is now the base of the STARMUS Festival.

The round table discussion 108 Minutes will be webcast from the dome of the GTC on 23 June. Both the Tribute to Gagarin and the Sonic Universe concert (both still at MAGMA) are scheduled for 24 June. 

The new venue for the conference will mean that, for technical reasons, the SETI Zone and the Space Art exhibition can no longer be held. Two new exhibits, an exoplanets booth from Geneva University and an exhibition dedicated to Yuri Gagarin (Flap Your Wings, Russia), will take the place of the withdrawn events. 

The finalized programme and list of speakers and special guests will be announced shortly. 

At 11:00 a.m. on Friday, 10 June, STARMUS will be giving a press conference giving the latest news and programme updates.