Laurance Doyle on the trail of alien biology at Starmus!

Posted on Nov 29 2010
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Laurance Doyle of the SETI Institute, an expert in applying the techniques of information theory to animal communication systems, will give a talk at the Starmus Festival SETI ZONE explaining how information theory can also be applied to decipher signals from intelligent extraterrestrial beings. Doyle will illustrate these techniques with actual sounds from bottlenose dolphins and humpback whales. He will explain how the study of all biology (especially extreme examples) will help us in our quest to discover alien biologies (exobiology). Doyle believes passionately that the study of animal communication systems will aid us in discovering the general rules of all communications systems, whether terrestrial or alien. He is an accomplished communicator himself and takes every opportunity to share his enthusiasm with the public.

From March 21 to 26 next year, 2011, the Magma Arts And Congress Centre in Tenerife will stage the Starmus Festival celebrating the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin becoming the first man in space. Among invited speakers will be Alexei Leonov (first space walk), Buzz Aldrin of Apollo 11, Jim Lovell (pic) captain of the ill fated Apollo 13, Valentina Tereshkova (the first woman in space), Queen guitarist 
and astrophysicist Dr. Brian May, Nobel Prize Biologist Jack Szostak, Richard Dawkins and SETI's Jill Tarter.