STARMUS Competition of Astrophotography!

Posted on Feb 01 2011
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We are very pleased to announce an astrophotography exhibition open to everyone who enjoys capturing the elusive beauty of the night sky -- and is good at it. What 'good' means is inevitably subjective, but it includes aesthetic merit, technical quality and originality, and these are the criteria that the three judges will be looking for.

The judging panel will consist of Noel Carboni (USA), well known for his innovative astronomy software, Greg Parker (UK), Greg Parker, Professor of Photonics at the University of Southampton, Hampshire, UK and David Malin (Australia, Chair), who made some of the first, true colour astronomical images in the 1970s.

The competition is one of many events associated with the STARMUS Festival that will take place in the Canary Islands between 20 and 25 of June, 2011, and the overall winner will enjoy an all expenses paid trip to the Festival and a life-time opportunity to carry out a 60 min observation of the object of his/her choice with the largest optical telescope in the world: the GTC (GRANTECAN or Gran Telescopio Canarias) located on the island of La Palma.  We will also award attractive prizes to the best entrant in three other categories. The cash equivalent of the winning prize will be $2000. The second and the third prize-winners will receive $500 and $250, respectively.

STARMUS Competition of Astrophotography