STARMUS Presentations in Munich and Moscow a Success!

Posted on Jan 31 2011
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On 30 November, Edgar Froese (of Tangerine Dream),Sami Solanki, Uwe Reichert and Garik Israelian presented the STARMUS Festival in Munich.
Two days later, Alexei Leonov, Veronika Borovik Chilchevskaya, Vladimir Logovsky (from Komsomolskaya Pravda) and Garik Israelian publicized the Festival in Moscow. Both events were a huge success and attracted much media attention.

Edgar Froese:
'STARMUS will bring astronomy and music under the same roof. In this sense, it's a pioneering event and we have no doubt that it'll be one of the big events of the year.'

Sami Solanki:
'Organizing STARMUS in Tenerife is a great idea. The Canary islands are
An astronomical paradise for many amateurs and this will be their first international meeting. It could become the capital for all amateur astronomers!'

Uwe Reichert:
'STARMUS is truly a Christmas present for many amateurs. What a wonderful opportunity to meet so many legendary scientists, astronauts and artists together!'

Alexey Leonov:
'I can't think of a better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first human space flight. Tenerife is one of the widest windows to the Universe on our planet; here we can feel very close to stars. Starmus is a fantastic idea and we will make it happen!'

Veronika Borovik Chilchevskaya:
'Russia cannot miss out on this wonderful event. Our delegation will be represented by pioneers of the Cosmic Era. Starmus can count on our strong support. We are going to make this a major event of the year.
One of the greatest advantages of Starmus is that it's open to everyone.'

Vladimir Logovsky:
'When I saw the Starmus programme I thought, "I know all these people! It's just amazing that we'll be able to see them all together!"'

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Veronika Borovik Chilchevskaya, Alexey Leonov and Garik Israelian